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Grill grate,

frame and


(on some models)

The IR Grill should be cleaned immediately after
each use.

Turn the burner to OFF. Use a barbecue mitt
to remove the hot grill grate. Place the grill grate
in a basin or sink and scrub with a brass bristle
brush. Rinse frequently.
The grill grate may also be cleaned in the oven
during the self-cleaning cycle, or, it can be
cleaned in the dishwasher.

The grill grate frame can be cleaned by hand
or in the dishwasher. Do not clean the grill grate
frame in a self-cleaning oven. The grill grate
frame has rubber pads on each bottom corner.
Be careful not to damage the pads during the
cleaning process.

Lift the baffle out of the pan. Clean the baffle
with hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.

The pan surround and wire mesh cannot be
removed. Clean them in place. Use a soft damp
cloth to clean the pan surround. Gently brush
food particles into the grease trough or use
a vacuum cleaner for excess debris.

,03257$17 Keep the grill burner and ceramic

igniter dry. Do not spray water or cleaner directly
onto the wire mesh or igniter. Avoid contact with
the igniter, it is fragile and can chip or break.

Reverse the steps above to reassemble the grill.
The radiant baffle support tabs should engage
the pins on the side of the pan surround. Replace
the grate frame. Be sure to engage the bottom
locator pin with the pin hole at the left rear
side of the pan. Replace the grill grate with the
handle end towards the front of the range.

Care and Cleaning

Professional Dual Fuel Range

1. Grill Grate

2. Grate



Support Tabs

Glo-Bar Igniter

3. Radiant Baffle

4. Pan Surround

Wire Mesh



Pin Hole

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