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• A fuse in your home may be blown or the circuit breaker tripped.


• The oven controls are not properly set.

• The oven controls are set for cleaning. If necessary, allow the oven to cool; then

open the door.

• Make sure the Oven Mode Selector is set to BAKE and the Temperature knob is

set to a temperature.

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• The light bulb is defective. Replace the bulb.


• The oven is self-cleaning or the Sabbath feature is set. The oven lights do not

come on during self-cleaning or if the Sabbath feature is set.

• The oven is set for Proof mode. The lights cycle on and off as necessary to

maintain Proof temperature.


• The oven controls are improperly set. See the Baking or Roasting section.


• Oven not preheated for a long enough time; wait for the oven to signal preheat.


• Incorrect cookware or cookware of improper size being used. See Baking Tips.

• Racks in the wrong position. See the Baking or Roasting section.

• Use a foil tent to slow down browning during roasting.

• Oven thermostat needs adjustment. See the Oven thermostat adjustment



• This model is designed for closed door broiling only. Close the door. Always


broil with the door closed.

• The oven controls are not set at BROIL. See the Broiling section.

• The probe is plugged into the outlet in the oven. Remove the probe from the


• Improper rack position being used.

• Cookware is not suited for broiling. Use the broiling pan and grid that came with

your oven.

• Aluminum foil used on the broiling pan and grid has not been fitted properly and

slit as recommended.


• The oven temperature is too high to set a self-clean operation.


Allow the oven to cool below the locking temperature and reset the


• The controls are not properly set. See the Self-Cleaning Oven section.


• This is normal. This is the sound of the metal heating and cooling


during both the cooking and cleaning functions.



• The oven is heavily soiled. Turn the Oven Mode Selector and the Temperature


knobs to OFF. Open the windows to rid the room of smoke. Wait until the locked


door indicator light goes off. Wipe up excess soil and reset the clean cycle.


• The oven was heavily soiled. Clean up heavy spillovers before starting


the clean cycle. Heavily soiled ovens may need to self-clean again.


• Oven is connected to a 208V electrical supply. Set your cleaning

time for 5 hours.

• The oven controls are not properly set. See the Self-Cleaning Oven section.


• The racks were cleaned in the self-clean cycle and now need periodic lubrication.


Do not spray with a cooking spray or other lubricant sprays. See Full extension

oven racks in the Care and Cleaning section.

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