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 Turn the Oven Mode Selector to &/($1.
 Turn the Temperature knob to &/($1.
The control automatically defaults to the

recommended clean cycle time of 5 hours.
The clean time may be adjusted to any
time between 3 and 5 hours using the Mini-
Knob. The display will show the actual time

 Push the Mini-Knob to start the &/($1 cycle.
If “CLOSE door” scrolls in the display, the self-

clean cycle has been selected but the door is
not closed. Close the oven door.

The symbol will flash as the oven door is

locked. It will not be possible to open the oven
door during the clean cycle.

 After the clean cycle is complete and the oven

has cooled, “End” will show in the display
and the will turn off. Turn the Oven Mode
Selector and the Temperature knob to 2)).

To interrupt a clean cycle, turn the Oven Mode

Selector and the Temperature knob to 2)).

When the oven has cooled to a safe temperature,

symbol will turn off indicating the door

may be opened.

An interrupted clean cycle cannot be restarted

until after the oven is cool enough for the door
to unlock.


Self-Cleaning Oven

Professional Dual Fuel Range




The self-clean oven feature is designed to make

cleaning the inside of the oven easy by using very

high temperatures to burn away food spills.


Wipe up excess grease

and other food spills with a damp cloth.
Excessive food soils can ignite leading to smoke
and heat damage.
• Do not clean the oven seals, damage can occur.
• Remove cookware, broiler pan, grid, probe and

any aluminum foil from the oven.

• Make sure the oven light lens and lens frame are

in place.

• Do not use commercial oven cleaners, abrasives

or oven protectors in or near the self-cleaning

• We recommend venting your kitchen with an

open window or using a ventilation fan/hood
during the self-clean cycle.

• Clean soil from around the frame and from

around the oven door, outside the oven seals.
These areas must be cleaned by hand.

• The oven racks may be left in the oven during

the self-clean cycle.

,03257$17The health of some birds is extremely

sensitive to the fumes given off during the self-

cleaning cycle of any oven. Move birds to another

well-ventilated room.
127( Self-Clean will not work if the temperature

probe is plugged in or if the Sabbath mode is set.
On double oven models, you can set a clean cycle

in both ovens at the same time. The last oven set

will automatically delay its start until the end of

the first oven’s clean cycle.
On double oven models, you can bake in one

oven and self-clean in the other at the same time.

However, you cannot use the PROOF mode setting

in one oven while the other oven is self-cleaning.

How to

set the

oven for


Turn to adjust
Push to select

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