Care and cleaning, Oven racks – GE ZDP486NDPSS User Manual

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Care and Cleaning

Professional Dual Fuel Range

Oven racks

The racks may remain in the oven during the self-
cleaning cycle without being damaged.

Periodically, after several self-clean cycles, the
oven racks may need to be lubricated using
the Graphite Lubrication shipped with your range.
To order additional Graphite Lubrication, call
our National Parts Center at  and

reference :%7.

 Remove rack from the oven. See the Full

extension oven racks section.

 Fully extend the rack on a table or countertop.

Newspaper may be placed underneath the

rack for easy cleanup.

 If there is debris in the slide tracks, wipe it

away using a paper towel. NOTE: Any graphite

lubricant wiped away must be replaced.

 Shake the graphite lubricant before opening it.

Starting with left slide mechanism of the rack,

place four (4) small drops of lubricant on the

two (2) bottom tracks of the slide close to the

bearing carriers.

 Repeat for the right slide mechanism of

the rack.

 Open and close the rack several times to

distribute the lubricant.

 Replace the cap on the lubricant and shake

it again. Turn the rack over and repeat steps 3,

4, 5 and 6.

 Close the rack, turn rack right-side-up and

place in the oven. See the Full extension oven

racks section.

 Repeat above steps for each rack.

127( Do not use a cooking spray or other

lubricant sprays on the slides.

Left side

Right side

Rack right-side-up

Rack right-


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