Free-arm sewing, Changing needle, Changing presser foot – SINGER 384.13012 (Sold at Sears) User Manual

Page 18: Changing needle changing presser foot

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Free-arm Sewing

• For free-arm sewing:

1. Grip the extension table with your index finger and thumb.

2. Pull gently to the left. The extension table will snap out.

• For flat-bed sewing:

1. Insert the tab and the pin into their catches.

2. With your thumb and index finger, gently snap in.

Changing Needle

(T) Needle clamp screw
(D Needle clamp

[T] Turn off the power switch.

Raise the needle to its highest position by turning the

handwheel counterclockwise, toward you, and lower the
presser foot.
Loosen the needle clamp screw 0 by turning rt


Remove the needle from the clampd).



] Insert a new needle into the needle clamp (2) with the flat

side to the rear.
When inserting the needle into the clamp, push it up as
far as it goes. Tighten the clamp screw 0 firmly by turning

it clockwise.



] To check for a good needle, place the flat side of the needle

onto something flat (needle plate, glass,etc.) The gap
between the needle and the flat surface should be consis
tent. Never use a bent or blunt needle.
A damaged needle can cause permanent snags
or runs in knits, fine silks and silk-like fabrics.

Changing Presser Foot

0 Lever
0 Groove
0 Pin

rn To remove;

Turn the handwheel toward you to raise the needle to its

highest position. Press the Iever0on the back of the foot
holder. The presser foot will drop off.

To attache:

Place the presser foot so the pin0on the foot lines just
under the groove 0 of the foot holder. Lower the foot

holder to lock the foot in place.


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