Care of your machine, Replacing the light bulb, Cleaning the feed dogs – SINGER 384.13012 (Sold at Sears) User Manual

Page 68: Replacing the light bulb cleaning the feed dogs

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NOTE: Unplug the machine.

Do not dismantle the machine other than as

explained in this section.
Do not store the machine in a high-humidity area,
near a heat radiator or in direct sunlight.
Clean the outside of the machine with a soft cloth
and mild soap.

Replacing the Light Bulb

CAUTION: As the light bulb could be HOT, protect your

fingers when you handle it.

Unplug the machine and open the face cover. While push
the bulb up, turn it counterclockwise to remove. Put in a
new bulb by pushing it up and turning it clockwise.

Cleaning the Feed Dogs

Unplug the machine and remove the presserfoot and
needle with a screwdriver.
Remove the needle plate with a screwdriver.

Use a lint brush to clean the feed dogs.

Replace needle plate and tighten with a screwdriver.

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