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Page 62: Satin stitch monogramming

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Satin Stitch

©Stitch selector:


©Stitch length:

0.5 to 1

©Top thread tension:

1 to 4

© Presser foot:

Zigzag foot

The satin stitch is often used to decorate and to overcast the

raw edge of blankets, linens, tablecloths, napkins, etc. It is

also attractive in applique.
Once your machine is set up to stitch, test stitch on the fabric
being used for best results. A tight satin stitch may pucker
some lightweight fabrics.


© Stitch selector:


(D Stitch length:

0.5 to 1

@ Needle thread tension: 1 to 4

0 Presser foot:

Zigzag foot

Attach a piece of stabilizer on the wrong side (Bottom side)

of the fabric.

Draw letters on the fabric with tailor's chalk. Form each

pattern with satin stitch, adjusting stitch width.


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