Built-in stitches – SINGER 384.13012 (Sold at Sears) User Manual

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Basic Zigzag

© stitch selector:


©Stitch length:

Blue zone

©Needle thread tension: 2 to 5

® Presser foot:

Zigzag foot

The zigzag stitch is one of the most common and versatile
stitches. It can be a utility stitch for button sewing,

buttonhole making, hemming, overcasting, mending and
It can also be used to decorate with trims, appliques and

cut work or as a decorative stitch.

Overcasting Stitch

© Stitch selector:


© Stitch length:

1 to 2

® Needle thread tension: 1 to 4

® Presser foot:

Zigzag foot

This is useful in garment construction and in finishing raw
edges of any sewing project.
Start overcasting about 1/8” (0.3 cm) inside the raw corner

of a seam. If you start right at the edge, fabric bunches up
and the stitches become tangled.


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