Decorative stitches – SINGER 384.13012 (Sold at Sears) User Manual

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0 Stitch selector;


0 Stitch length;

Stretch stitch position

@ Needle thread tension; 1 to 4

0 Presserfoot;

Zigzag foot

This stitch is ideal for 1/4” (0.6 cm) seams on knits or on

medium to heavy weight woven fabrics where you want a
narrow seam. It is also great for sewing spandex swim wear.

Place the fabric under the presser foot so that the

stitches are made over the raw edge.


Lace Work

© Stitch selector;


0 Stitch length;

1 to 3


Needle thread tension; 1 to 4


Zigzag foot

Lace adds a fanciful, feminine touch to blouses and
lingerie. Table linens and pillows become more elegant

when trimmed with lace.

Fold raw edge of fabric at least 5/8” (1.5 cm). Place lace
underneath and topstitch with blind hem stitch.

Trim excess fabric close to stitching.


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