Hardware installation, Initio – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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a bare metal chassis rail after you have turned off the power.

3 Inserting the host adapter

Orient the host adapter for installation so that the external connector is facing the

back of the system unit and align the card with the PCI connector on the system

unit (see



Holding the adapter by the mounting bracket and the card edge, match up the card

edge connector with the PCI host computer socket and insert the card into the

socket. Once the connector is in the PCI expansion slot socket tighten the mount-

ing bracket screw to secure the card in place.




Inserting the host adapter into a PCI slot

4a Installation of internal SCSI cables

The number of internal and external connectors for Initio’s SCSI host adapters are

referenced in the hardware installation section



All internal connectors may be used simultaneously or singularly, depending on

your bus configuration. Installation of internal SCSI cables must be performed

before replacing the system covers. The internal ribbon cable is made with

multiple connectors attached and used to daisy chain the host adapter with two

or more devices. It is important that the cable be installed correctly for proper

operation. The cable has a colored stripe running the length of the cable, on the

edge distinguishing the pin one side of the connector. These identifying markings

Hardware Installation