Microsoft windows nt driver installation, Initio – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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• Follow the instructions on the screen until you are asked to specify a SCSI driver.

3 Insert the INI-9XXXU/9XXXUW DRIVER DISK 1 into your local floppy disk drive, and

press <ENTER>.

• Select: Initio INI-9XXXU/UW PCI SCSI Host Adapter

4 The Initio host adapter driver is now installed
The on-screen instructions will continue for a complete installation of Windows NT.

Refer to your Windows NT System Administrator’s Guide for completion of the operating

system installation procedure.

Installing a new Windows NT system from a Bootable CD

For computer systems installing or upgrading to Windows NT from a bootable CD,

these instructions will guide you through the INI-9XXXU/9XXXUW host adapter driver

installation. The Windows NT driver will be found on the



. It is important that the hardware has been installed successfully before

proceeding further.

1 Boot your system from a Windows NT CD.
2 When initial boot screen (Black and white screen prior to blue screen) shows the

message, “Setup is inspecting your computers hardware configuration,” press F6.

3 A setup screen will appear asking which drivers you wish to use.
4 Press the appropriate key to add driver and select other.
5 Windows NT will prompt you for a manufacturer’s supplied disk.
6 Insert the Initio manager set floppy (marked



press ENTER. The host adapter should be recognized by Windows NT and the driver will

be allowed to load. The operating system will continue loading and should recognize the

hard drives.

Microsoft Windows NT Driver Installation