Sco unixware driver installation, Initio, Using multiple host adapters – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

Page 53: Removing the initio driver from a unixware system

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4 If the host adapter is NOT intended to be bootable, these instructions will guide you

through changing the current software settings for UnixWare to establish the INI-9XXX as a

non-bootable host adapter for your device:


At the system command prompt, type


/etc/conf/bin/idbuild -M i910u <ENTER>


cd / <ENTER>


shutdown -g0 ( 0 is Zero ) <ENTER>



5 Exit the UnixWare program and reboot your system to initialize the new device driver to

control INI-9XXX.

Using Multiple Host Adapters

UnixWare is capable of supporting up to eight SCSI busses. If you choose to use multiple host

adapters in your system, verify that each host adapter shared interrupt level is set to IRQ10.

Please refer to your system documentation to set the interrupt levels.

Space for each host adapter in the system is configured and allocated by a separate line

in the file /ETC/CONF/SDEVICE.D/I910U.

1 Verify that Y is selected in the second field at the line starting at I910u in the file /ETC/

CONF/SDEVICE.D/I910U for each INI-9XXX in the system.

UnixWare will automatically rebuild the kernel when an additional INI-9XXX is detected.

Removing the Initio driver from a UnixWare system


Once a UnixWare session is established and a command prompt is ready, type (recall that

UnixWare is case sensitive):

• Type: /etc/conf/bin/idinstall -d i910u <ENTER> to delete the following files:







SCO UnixWare Driver Installation