Novell netware driver installation, Initio, Device driver command line options – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

Page 42: Driver config options

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Device driver command line options

The Initio device drivers support command line switches to optimize driver perfor-

mance. However, in certain situations some driver optimization may be advantageous

to system performance.

NetWare offers two means of entering command line switches. One method is for

session usage and needs to be entered each time the system is rebooted.

Load (Pathname) ini910u [Driver Config Option]

The second method listed is for permanent installation. In startup.ncf you can include the

following statement.

Load (Pathname) ini910u [Driver Config Option]


Load (Pathname) INI9100 [Driver Config Option]

Driver Config Options:


Verbose Mode provides detail information about driver on system command line
when driver is initialized.


Non Verbose Mode (default)


Driver assumes that all targets have more than one LUN


Driver assumes that all targets only have LUN 0 (default)


Target enable mask WORD (Default scan all targets)


Scan device only on PCI BUS #b, PCI DEVICE #dd


Scan all the devices on PCI BUS #b (from 0 to 7)


Specifies maximum number of tag commands per target (default 4)


No tag


Read after write, hardware verify


Not verified (default)


Support removable media (default)


Will not support removable media


Enable support for fixed disk drive (default)


Disable support for fixed disk drive

Novell NetWare Driver Installation