Host adapter setup, Initio, Adapter setup – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

Page 19: Bios setup

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Adapter Setup

Host Adapter SCSI Bus ID. Used to change the adapter’s SCSI ID on the SCSI bus.

The narrow host adapters provides eight ID’s available numbered 0-7, with 7 having the

highest priority (and ID-7 reserved for the host adapter).
Installation of additional host adapters is permitted on the same PCI bus. This will

allow the system to have more than one SCSI bus attached. Under these conditions,

SCSI ID’s can be repeated.

Boot Device ID. This option selects which SCSI device will be the designated boot

device for the system. The default ID for this option is 0.

SCSI Terminators. This option is used to set auto-termination located on the host

adapter card. This option is also used to manually control termination on the host

adapter. The normal setting for this option is auto.

SCSI Parity Check ON. Select this option to enable or disable parity checking on the

SCSI bus by the host adapter. The default setting for this option is on (yes).

NOTE: If this option is set ON, be certain that the peripheral SCSI device also has this option turned


BIOS Setup

Enable Host Adapter BIOS. This option controls the host adapter usage of SCSI disk

I/O routines inside the host adapter BIOS. By disabling this option you will eliminate

the host adapter’s ability to utilize boot capabilities in


. Setting this to “no”

will also disable all subsequent features displayed by this on-screen panel. The default

setting will be on. (Yes)
BIO SUPPORT for More than Two Drives. This option supports two or more disk

drives on the SCSI bus for MS-DOS 5.0 or later when enabled. The optimum device

identification (ID) for multiple drive operation is device ID-0 for a system disk and

device ID-1 for the second drive. The default setting will be on. (Yes)
BIOS Treat Removable Disks as Fixed Disk. This option is able to treat removable

disks as fixed disks. With this option selected you can run removable disk media

without additional software drivers. The default setting will be off. (No)
BIOS Support for Bootable CD-ROM. This option allows users to boot from a CD-

ROM by replying with Yes at the prompt. Only one bootable CD-ROM will be allowed at

a time. The default setting will be off. (No)

Host Adapter Setup