Novell netware driver installation, Initio – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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Upgrading/Changing Driver on an Existing IntraNetWare


1 To begin the you will need to change the directory to the location of the server and

initialize the network server, e.g.,



2 At the NetWare prompt, Type LOAD INSTALL <ENTER>.
3 Select Driver Options from the window by highlighting it using the UP or DOWN

ARROW keys, press <ENTER>
• Select Configure disk and storage device drivers from the window by high-

lighting it using the UP or DOWN ARROW keys, press <ENTER>

4 Highlight Deselect a selected driver and press <ENTER>
5 Highlight the driver you wish to replace/upgrade and press <ENTER>

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each instance of the driver

6 When all of the drivers you wish to upgrade/replace have been removed highlight

Select an additional driver and press <ENTER>

7 Press <INS> followed by <F3>
8 Enter the location path of the drivers A:\
9 Select the driver you wish to load INI9100.HAM or INI910U.DSK and press

If the HAM driver(s) are being used proceed to step 10. If you use the DSK driver

the upgrade is complete and you may exit the install utility.

10 Highlight Select and modify parameters and press <ENTER>

Enter the slot number and press <F10> to continue

11 Highlight Save parameters and continue and press <ENTER>
12 Repeat steps 6 through 11 for each additional adapter installed

Novell NetWare Driver Installation