Ms-dos/windows 3.1x driver installation, Initio – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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and ANY lun


This will exclude ALL drives on Host Adapter 0.


These samples assume that the user has loaded the Initio drivers in the following

directory: c:\iniaspi.



DEVICEHIGH=c:\iniaspi\inicd.sys /R2


The first line loads the ASPI manager and the second line loads the SCSI disk driver

specifying that a minimum of two drive letters be reserved for each MO and removable

disk attached to the SCSI bus.

ASPI Partition & Format Utility

INIFDISK.EXE is a DOS ASPI partition and format utility. It requires the ASPI910U.SYS

and INIDISK.SYS drivers to be loaded in order for it to function properly. INIFDISK.EXE

is installed by the Initio DOSSETUP or SETUP programs. Upon invocation, the initial

screen will have two windows. The top window will list all of the SCSI devices installed

in the system. The user can highlight a particular device by using the up and down

arrow keys. The bottom window will display information about the device that is

currently highlighted in the top window. Inifdisk.exe can partition and format any SCSI

storage device that is not being controlled by the BIOS, this includes SCSI disks,

magnetic optical drives, and removable media devices. INIFDISK will display two

screens in which the bottom portion will explain all commands possible in the top window.

MS-DOS/Windows 3.1x Driver Installation