Ms-dos/windows 3.1x driver installation, Initio, Aspi disk driver command line options – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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ASPI Disk Driver Command Line Options

INIDISK.SYS is a DOS block device driver for supporting SCSI fixed disks, removable disks

and MO devices. INIDISK.SYS is automatically loaded in CONFIG.SYS start up file by the

Initio DOSSETUP or SETUP programs. INIDISK.SYS requires that the Initio ASPI Manager be

loaded. INIDISK.SYS can be loaded with either the DEVICE= or DEVICEHIGH= command.

INICD.SYS can be found on


. Below is a list of

command line options and examples.

/R /r

This option specifies the number of logical drives to reserve for MO

and removable disk devices. MO and removable disks media are capable of being

partitioned just like a fixed disk. For every DOS partition on the media a logical DOS

drive letter will be available. INIDISK.SYS will support as many logical drives as required

(up to the maximum supported by DOS) based on the partitioning of the media that is

present when your system boots. However, the media may be removed at any time and

a new disk may be inserted. The new disk may have more (or less) partitions then the

original disk. The /R /r option is used to reserved drive letters at start up in order to

facilitate a disk change to a disk with more partitions than the original disk present at

boot time. The value after the /R /r option determines how many drive letters will be

reserved on a device basis. For example, if the user specifies a /R4 option and there

are two removable devices attached to the SCSI bus, then a total of eight (8) drive

letters will be reserved.

/T /t

This option is used to specify a Time out value to be used when sending

commands to a SCSI drive. If a SCSI drive does not respond to a command within the

specified time out then the command will be aborted and an appropriate error mes-

sage will be displayed. The time out value is specified in minutes. Valid values are 1-9

and D or d. The D or d values are used to Disable the time out mechanism. If the time

out mechanism is disabled then faulty hardware can lock up the system.





/X /x

This option is used to exclude particular SCSI drives. Excluded SCSI drives are

identified by specifying the host adapter, target id and lun. These values are spereated

by a colon. Groups of SCSI drives (or wild cards) can also be identified. Below are

examples of the different ways SCSI drives can be excluded:


This will exclude the drive on Host Adapter 0, with target ID 1

and lun 2.


This will exclude the drive on Host Adapter 0, with target ID 2

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