Novell netware driver installation, Initio – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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6 Select installation type. <ENTER>
7 Enter server name when prompted <ENTER>

At this point the boot files will be copied to the hard drive.

8 After the files are finished being copied you may encounter the following message:

Install found the following hardware but found

More than one driver supporting this hardware


Press <Enter> for a list of drivers to choose

From or <F3> to continue without selecting

Press <F3> to continue. Repeat if this screen is shown again.

9 A screen listing the drivers will be displayed. INI9100 will be listed as the selected

driver. This completes loading the Host Adapter Driver, Follow the on-screen

directions to complete the Novell NetWare installation.

This will load the HAM driver. If a DSK driver is required or an updated HAM driver is

needed it is recommended that you complete the installation and use NetWare’s

INSTALL utility to update/change the driver.

Adding the Initio driver to an existing IntraNetWare system

1 To begin the installation you will need to change the directory to the location of the

server and initialize the network server, e.g.,



2 At the NetWare prompt, Type LOAD INSTALL <ENTER>.
3 Select Driver Options from the window by highlighting it using the UP or DOWN

ARROW keys, press <ENTER>

• Select Configure disk and storage device drivers from the window by high

lighting it using the UP or DOWN ARROW keys, press <ENTER>

4 Highlight Discover and load additional drivers and press <ENTER>
5 NetWare will load INI9100.HAM modify the STRATUP.NCF file to reflect the new


Novell NetWare Driver Installation