Troubleshooting, Dos space > 1gb, Initio – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

Page 58: Ms-dos, os/2 & windows nt, Sco unix

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Consult the SCO UnixWare Installation Handbook “Troubleshooting” section to help

isolate the problem. If it becomes necessary to remove the Initio device driver,

please consult the “Removing the Initio Driver from a SCO UnixWare System” section

of this document.


DOS Space > 1GB

The default disk head mapping for Initio SCSI host adapter is 255 heads and 63

sectors. This translates to a maximum accessible capacity of 8 GBytes per drive under


Warning: If you have already installed the operating system on your hard drives,

changing the head mapping will corrupt your files and cause other unexpected prob-

lems. Before changing any “DOS Space > 1GB” option setting, please back up your

disk drives. Then you should run the FDISK utility to delete all the partitions on your

selected disk drive. At this point you can switch the setting, reinstall the operating

system, and restore your backed up files.

All device drivers for the INI-9100A Host Adapter will support different head mappings

based on the setting of “DOS Space > 1GB” option.

MS-DOS, OS/2 & Windows NT

Under MS-DOS, OS/2 & Windows NT, we recommend you enable “DOS Space > 1GB”

option if your SCSI hard disk has more than 1 GByte capacity.


SCO UNIX does not have a 1 GByte barrier. Therefore, the “DOS Space > 1GB” option

is not required to be enabled; however, you must make sure the root file system is

located below 1024 cylinders in order to perform the kernel boot routines. If the size of

the root file system is greater than 1 GByte or the location of root file system is beyond

1 GByte, you should enable the “DOS Space > 1GB” option.

SCO UNIX can not support different head mappings for each disk drive under the same

host adapter. The head mapping will be based on the setting represented by target ID