Initio, Overview, Installation – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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will support Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 95B (OSR2) with the addition

of a software driver. The installation procedure described here requires some experi-

ence in Windows 95 system setup and administration. The device driver is transferred

from the


to the hard drive where it is automatically

initialized during the system boot routine.

The following files are used for installation and will be found on the





INI-9XXX SCSI Host Adapter Windows 95 miniport driver.


Windows 95 installation information file.


The INI-9XXX driver developed for Windows 95 is loaded during the system boot routine

and will remain resident on the drive. This is accomplished by following one of the three

installation procedures listed:


New Windows 95 and Windows 95B (OSR2) installation.


Adding the Initio Windows 95 device driver to an existing Windows 95 or Windows 95B

(OSR2) system.


Updating INI910U.MPD device driver

The procedures described to make changes to the system have distinct differences. It is

strongly suggested that the selected procedure be read and understood before proceed-

ing with the system configuration changes. Please read the instructions carefully.

To determine which version of Windows 95 you have installed on your system,

check the date of the KRNL32.DLL file located in your Windows directory. A file

date of 07/11/95 belongs to Windows 95, first release; 12/31/95 belongs to

Windows 95a or 95 with Service Pack 1; 08/24/96 reflects Windows 95b or OSR2.

New Windows 95/95a Installation

These instructions will guide you through the installation of the Initio host adapter driver while

installing Windows 95. Windows 95 will be installed from either a CD-ROM or floppy diskettes.

It is important that the hardware and DOS 4.01 or higher have been installed successfully

before proceeding further. If installing from a SCSI CD-ROM drive, it is important that the Initio

ASPI driver, and CD-ROM driver be installed before proceeding further.

Microsoft Windows 95/95b (OSR2) Driver Installation