Hardware installation, Initio – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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External cable connection

5 Drive activity LED

A drive activity LED is designed into the host adapter to indicate when a data

transfer is being made. Connection to the LED is optional and cabling is not

included with this kit. Each host adapter has one four-pin connector. Please refer

to the host adapter’s illustration (


1) for the LED connector that will

accomodate the LED cable.

6 Multiple Initiators

Under some circumstances multiple initiators can be used on a single SCSI bus.

The bus is configured to have more than one host adapter inserted into at least two

distinctly different computer systems sharing peripheral devices. In these circum-

stances, it is possible to have one of the two computer systems turned off. Under

these conditions, the host adapter has a jumper that can be enabled (closed) to set

the active on-board termination on all the time, regardless of whether power is

applied or not. The host adapter is shipped without the jumper installed and need

not be changed in most cases.

7 Close the cover on the host computer

Visually inspect the configuration you have installed to verify that all cables have

been inserted correctly. Close the cover on the host computer. The hardware

installation for the host adapter is now complete.

Hardware Installation