Hardware installation, Initio – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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8 Host computer configuration

Most computer manufacturers with a PCI bus automatically configure the add on-

card or host adapter I/O Port address, IRQ Channel and BIOS address. If this is not

the case with your computer system, you will need to manually configure your

There are two means of configuring the PCI bus from the host computer system:

1. Setting jumpers on the host system motherboard.

2. Setting CMOS BIOS incorporated into the host system.

You will need to refer to the host computer system documentation to complete PCI

bus activation and setup.
If the host system will be using a SCSI device to provide system boot capability,

then the system CMOS drive type settings may need to be changed. Under some

conditions the system will expect the boot disk to be an IDE drive. This must be

changed in order to boot from a SCSI device.

9 System startup

The newly installed SCSI bus is now ready to power up. Switch on peripheral and

host computer system power. The system monitor should display the following

information, but may vary, based on the system BIOS manufacturer.

• The normal Power-On Self Test and memory test procedure.

• The host adapter sign on message including a list of attached SCSI devices.
The list should match the peripheral devices attached to the bus. In most cases the

host computer system is now configured and ready for use.
Some situations will require that a low-level format be performed using the host adapter

SmartSCSI Setup Utility to initialize a SCSI disk drive and lay the foundation for a

bootable SCSI drive.

10 SmartSCSI Setup Utility

The SmartSCSI Setup Utility simplifies the SCSI installation process by eliminating

the need for opening the system to change system jumpers and switch settings. All

necessary host adapter functions are accessible through the utility, simplifying

customization for your system needs. Initio’s SmartSCSI Setup Utility is divided

into five segments identified by: Scan Bus; Device Setup; Adapter Setup; BIOS Setup; and

Disk Utility. These program functions are accessible by typing <CTRL><I> at the

boot-up prompt.

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