Ms-dos/windows 3.1x driver installation, Initio – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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MS-DOS/Windows 3.1x Driver Installation

Installing the Initio ASPI drivers to an existing Windows

3.1x system

The ASPI for Windows 3.1x drivers are found on the


. It is

important that the SCSI bus hardware, and operating system are installed correctly before

proceeding further. If you need help installing Windows 3.1x, please refer to the Microsoft

Windows manual before proceeding.
1 Turn on host system and boot into MS-DOS and Windows 3.1x operating system.
2 Insert the


into your floppy drive.

3 Use your installed mouse or the appropriate key strokes to select RUN… from the

Windows PROGRAM MANAGER. Execute the following steps:
• Type A:\SETUP <ENTER>. A series of screens will guide you through the

installation of the ASPI for Windows device drivers.

• Choose CONTINUE to continue the installation sequence.
• Choose CONTINUE to accept the Host Adapter selection.

4 Two installation options are available:

• Choose EXPRESS INSTALL to install both the DOS ASPI drivers and the Windows

32-bit Disk Access drivers. Use this option if you are unfamiliar with configuring a

DOS or Windows manually.

• Choose CUSTOM INSTALL to select DOS ASPI drivers or the Windows 32-bit

Disk Access drivers manually. Use this option only if you are familiar with configur-

ing a DOS or Windows PC manually

5 Follow the on-screen directions and/or options to continue the installation.

• Choose CONTINUE to accept the default directory or enter the full directory

where you want ASPI drivers installed.

• Choose CONTINUE after all the files have been copied and installed to your


• Select YES to make the required changes to your system’s CONFIG.SYS and

SYSTEM.INI configuration files.

• Once the SETUP COMPLETE screen is displayed, choose CONTINUE.

6 Last minute changes to this User’s Manual will be displayed in the README.TXT file

that is shown. To exit the README.TXT file, use your installed mouse or the appro-

priate key strokes to select FILE, then EXIT from the Note Pad FILE MENU.

7 To complete the installation and activate the device driver, exit from your Windows 3.1x

session and reboot the system by pressing <CTRL> + <ALT> + <DEL>.