Initio, New windows 95b (osr2) installation – Initio INI-9090U User Manual

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New Windows 95B (OSR2) Installation

These instructions will guide you through the installation of the Initio host adapter driver

while installing Windows 95B (OSR2). Windows 95B will be installed from either a CD-ROM

or floppy diskettes. It is important that the hardware and DOS 4.01 or higher have been

installed successfully before proceeding further. If installing from a SCSI CD-ROM drive, it

is important that the Initio ASPI driver, and CD-ROM driver be installed before proceeding


1 Access the Windows 95B CD-ROM either from the DOS prompt or from Microsoft Windows

3.x File Manager. Execute the SETUP.EXE program and follow the instructions on your

screen. If you are installing from floppy diskette, insert the Windows 95 Setup Disk 1 in

your floppy disk drive and boot your system. Follow the instructions on your screen.

2 Once a Windows 95 session is established, use your installed mouse or the appropriate

key strokes to select MY COMPUTER from the MAIN DESKTOP. Execute the following

• Select CONTROL PANEL from within the MY COMPUTER group
• Select SYSTEM from within the CONTROL PANEL group,
• Select DEVICE MANAGER tab from within the SYSTEM group
• Select the OTHER DEVICES category from within the DEVICE MANAGER listing
• Select one of the PCI-SCSI Bus Controller sub-category from within the OTHER

DEVICES listing

• In the Initio PCI-SCSI Bus Controller Properties window, select the DRIVER tab,

then select “UPDATE DRIVER...”

• Insert


into drive A:

• Select YES, click Next, and Windows will search for the driver
• Type A:\WIN95, then select “OK”
• Select “FINISH”
• At window “Insert Disk labled INI-9XXXU/9XXXUW driver” , select “OK”
• At window titled “Copying file”, replace the highlighted directory path with A:\WIN95,

then select “OK” this will complete loading the INI910U.MPD driver onto your hard

disk drive.

3 Following installation of the Initio INI-9XXXU/UW Windows 95 driver, reboot your system to

activate the SCSI device driver.

4 It is highly recommended that you verify Initio’s Windows 95 device driver by selecting MY

Microsoft Windows 95/95b (OSR2) Driver Installation