Oracle net, which includes the following, Oracle net listener, Oracle protocol support – Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

Page 110: Oracle partitioning, Oracle real application clusters, Oracle spatial, Oracle sqlj, which includes the following, Sqlj runtime, Sqlj translator, Oracle text

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Oracle9i Database Components


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

Oracle Net, which includes the following:

Oracle Net Listener

Oracle Protocol Support

Oracle Partitioning

Oracle Real Application Clusters

Oracle Spatial

Oracle SQLJ, which includes the following:

SQLJ Runtime

SQLJ Translator

Oracle Text

Oracle Trace

Oracle Universal Installer, which includes the following:

Oracle’s Java Runtime Environment version

Oracle Utilities, which includes the following:


Migration Utility

Recovery Manager


Oracle XML Developer’s Kit

Oracle XML SQL Utility

Oracle9i Advanced Analytic Services — Data Mining


When Oracle Net Client is installed by using the Enterprise

Edition or Standard Edition installation type, the Oracle Universal
Installer installs Oracle Protocol Support for the networking
protocols that it detects.