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Known Restrictions


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

Known Restrictions

RMAN Runs Only Over TCP/IP

The connection to both the catalog and the database must be a TCP/IP connection.


OpenVMS always performs its I/O asynchronously. Several


parameters that mimic asynchronous behavior are not needed on OpenVMS. Refer
to the Oracle9i Administrator’s Guide, section 1.5.3 for the list of parameters that are
not supported on OpenVMS.


With some limitations, Oracle9i for HP OpenVMS with iAS mid tier (with VMS
back end database configuration) is supported. For information about iAS support,

http://[email protected]/

The following items are not supported:

RAC Guard and RAC High Availability Extensions

RAC Guard and RAC High Availability Extensions are not supported in this release
due to the lack of cluster failover in the Operating System.

RAC Management Pack

RAC Management Pack is not supported in this release.


LDAP (OID) is currently not supported. This feature is a candidate for support in
future releases.

iFS and Ultra Search

iFS and Ultra Search are not supported due to the lack of third party software called
INSO filter.