Installation prompts for rdb gateway, Installation prompts for rms gateway, Removing oracle transparent gateway – Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

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Removing Oracle Transparent Gateway

Oracle Transparent Gateway


Installation Prompts for RDB Gateway

Use the following pattern (Screen:

Response) as a guide during your gateway


Location of RDB database:

Enter the complete path for RDB database.

Follow the instructions in the Response column for each entry in the Screen
column. When you have completed the responses, follow the instructions in section

"Completing RDB Gateway Installation"

on page C-9.

Completing RDB Gateway Installation

When the Summary screen appears, click Install.

Verify that the installation was successful after the Oracle Universal Installer
confirms that the installation has been completed


Check the contents of the


file located in the orainventory_location:[logs]


Installation Prompts for RMS Gateway

There are no installation prompts for the RMS gateway.

Removing Oracle Transparent Gateway

Remove the gateway as follows:


Start the Oracle Universal Installer.


Click the De-install Products button on the Welcome window or the Installed
Products ...

button that is available on any Oracle Universal Installer window


The Inventory window appears and displays a list of installed products.


Click to select the gateway product in the Inventory window and click Remove.

Only the files that were copied into the ORACLE_HOME directory during the
gateway installation are automatically removed


You must manually remove

all other related files.