Oracle advanced security, Configuration restrictions – Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

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Configuration Restrictions

Oracle9i Installation Planning


Oracle Advanced Security

Refer to

"Oracle Advanced Security"

on page 1-15

for information about Oracle Advanced Security authentication support

Oracle TCP/IP with SSL Protocol Support

SSL 3.0 or later

Oracle Advanced Security

Oracle Advanced Security is an add-on product that will be added to the standard
Oracle Net Server or Oracle Net Client


If you purchase it, then install it on both

the server and the client


Oracle Advanced Security release requires

Oracle Net release and supports Oracle9i server.

Kerberos and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) have requirements for authentication
protocols that are supported by Oracle Advanced Security. No additional
authentication protocol software is required to relink Oracle products.


requires MIT Kerberos Version 5, release 1.1. The Kerberos authentication

server must be installed on a physically secure machine.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL):

requires a wallet that is compatible with the Oracle Wallet

Manager version 2.1. Wallets that were created in earlier releases of the Oracle
Wallet Manager are not forward-compatible. Oracle Advanced Security provides
and installs Secure Socket Layer.

Configuration Restrictions

This section lists current restrictions for HP OpenVMS Alpha.

See Also:

For more information about Oracle Advanced Security

and system management products, see the Oracle Advanced Security
Administrator’s Guide


No additional authentication protocol software is required

to relink Oracle products


However, Oracle Corporation does not

provide the third-party authentication servers (Kerberos, for


The appropriate authentication server for these

protocols must be installed and configured separately



Socket Layer is provided and is always installed with Oracle
Advanced Security.