Se list – Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

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Oracle9i Database Components

Oracle9i Products


Oracle9i JVM, which includes the following:

Java Virtual Machine

Oracle9i Server (the Oracle9i database), which includes the following:

Oracle Database Demos


PL/SQL Gateway


SE List

This section alphabetically lists the components that are available with each
installation type of the Oracle9i server Standard Edition top-level component. Refer
to the release notes for your platform for updates on component availability.

Advanced Queuing

Advanced Replication

Character Set Scanner

Common Schema Demos

Object Type Translator, which includes the following:

Oracle INTYPE File Assistant

Enterprise User Security, including:


Oracle Wallet Manager

Oracle Call Interface

Oracle Dynamic Services


Oracle Wallet Manager is a feature of Oracle Advanced

Security. You can use it only if you purchase an Oracle Advanced
Security license.