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Page 24: Minimum hardware requirements

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System Installation Requirements


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

System Installation Requirements

Verify that your system meets the requirements that are described in the following
sections before you install Oracle9i products.

Time Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Disk Space Requirements


Operating System Software Requirements

Additional Product-Specific Installation Requirements

Time Requirements

Installation time varies depending on the number of products installed and the type
of hardware used


Duration of a typical installation takes approximately

1 to 3 hours.

Hardware Requirements

Software needs to be installed on an ODS-5 formatted disk. Refer to


Release 2 Dependency on ODS-5 Disk Structure"

on page 2-3 for details.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Following is a list of the minimum hardware requirements to install Oracle9i
products on an HP OpenVMS Alpha system.


A minimum of 256 MB RAM is required to install Oracle9i products



Client products require 192 MB of RAM


You will not be able to complete an installation if your

system does not meet the minimum requirements for the Oracle
products that you select.