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Installation With Existing Oracle Databases

Oracle9i Installation Planning


Software Only option: If you select this option, then the Oracle Universal
Installer (OUI) installs only Oracle9i software


Database Configuration

Assistant does not start after installation, and no preconfigured database is

If a choice other than "Software Only option" is selected for database
configuration, then OUI will launch DBCA (Database Configuration Assistant)
during the installation session. If a "Software Only" installation is performed,
then DBCA can be run later from the command line. For more information on
running Database Configuration Assistant from the command line, refer to

"Non-interactive Mode" on page 5-2. F

or more information on database

character sets, refer to Oracle9i Database Globalization Support Guide
Release 2 (9.2).

Installation With Existing Oracle Databases

You can access different versions of Oracle on the same computer system at the
same time using Oracle Net Services


You can only access Oracle8i and Oracle9i

databases separately


You cannot submit a single query to access the databases


See Also:

Oracle9i Database Migration and Oracle9i Database

Administrator’s Guide for more information on compatibility and
interoperability issues, and on connecting different client versions
to the database.