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HP OpenVMS and Installation-Specific Issues and Restrictions

CD-ROM Pre-installation Requirements


Upgrading and Migrating

If you are upgrading an existing system, then some issues may exist that exceed the
scope of this manual.

It is possible to migrate Oracle8i Release 2 (8.1.6) and Oracle8i Release 3 (8.1.7) and
Oracle9i Release 1 (9.0.1) to Oracle9i Release 2 (


To migrate from an Oracle

database earlier than these releases, you must first upgrade to an Oracle8i Release 2
or Release 3 or to an Oracle9i Release 1, and then follow the steps outlined in the
document ora_rdbms:readmemigvms.doc to migrate to Oracle9i Release 2 (

File Systems

As noted previously (refer to

"Oracle9i Release 2 Dependency on ODS-5 Disk


on page 2-3), the Oracle9i release 2 software must be installed on an

ODS-5 formatted disk. The datafiles and redolog files, however, can be placed on
ODS-2 formatted disks as well.

Oracle9i server must be able to verify that files have been written to disk. File
systems that do not support this verification are not supported for use with Oracle
databases, although Oracle software can be installed on them.

Optimal Flexible Architecture

Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA), the Oracle standard set of configuration
guidelines for Oracle databases, is not supported on HP OpenVMS Alpha.

Using Hummingbird Exceed

If you use the Hummingbird Exceed X Windows emulator while installing and
using Oracle9i, then set the window manager to run in Native mode so that
Microsoft Windows functions as the window manager


Refer to your Exceed

documentation for instructions on configuring the window manager.

Following are common problems with the Hummingbird Exceed X Windows


Because of this requirement for verification, third party

software that creates one or more virtual disks in memory MUST

for datafiles.