Oracle server database administrator account, Deciding account information – Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

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Installation Procedure Requirements

CD-ROM Pre-installation Requirements


Oracle Server Database Administrator Account

Create an HP OpenVMS Alpha user account to administer the Oracle9i Enterprise
Edition installation and maintenance, or modify your existing Oracle user account
to meet the account quotas and privileges that are specified in this guide.

Setting up an Oracle9i account is the same as setting up any other
HP OpenVMS Alpha user account


The following are the steps to set up an

Oracle9i account:


Decide which values that you will supply to create the account.


Run AUTHORIZE to add a record in the User Authorization File (UAF).


Use AUTHORIZE to set the following account requirements:

Account quotas

Account privileges

Process rights identifiers


Exit AUTHORIZE to complete the account setup.

Deciding Account Information

To add an account, you must supply the following information:

Account name

Account password

USER and GROUP numbers for the UIC (octal values)

Login device and directory



The Oracle9i account use of HP OpenVMS Alpha resources

affects other user processes


Before setting up an Oracle9i account,

you must thoroughly understand the reasons for changing system
resources at your site.

Additional Information:

See the Hewlett-Packard documentation

for more information about running the AUTHORIZE utility.