Customized, Software only, Database configuration assistant – Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

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Oracle9i Database Configurations

Oracle9i Installation Planning



This environment allows you to create a customized database configuration of
Oracle products that meets specialized requirements.

Select this option only if you are prepared to provide detailed product and database
environment choices


Choosing this option requires a longer installation session

than choosing a preconfigured database.

Software Only

This choice allows you to install Oracle products


It does not configure the

listeners or the network infrastructure, and it does not create a database.

Oracle Corporation recommends that you install at least one preconfigured
database to serve as a template for database configuration.

Database Configuration Assistant

Database Configuration Assistant enables you to copy an Oracle9i preconfigured
database, or to create a fully customized database to match your selected
environment and database configuration


It starts automatically (unless you

selected software only) after Oracle9i software has been installed during Oracle9i

When installing Oracle9i software using any database configuration option other
than the Custom and Software Only, the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) prompts
for a global database name and System Identifier (SID)


After Oracle9i installation

is complete, the Database Configuration Assistant uses this information to create
the database


See Also:

Oracle9i Concepts, Oracle9i Database Performance Tuning

Guide and Reference, and Oracle9i Real Application Clusters Setup and
for more information on database environment issues.

Refer to

"Database Configuration Assistant"

on page 1-5 for more

information on how to choose a database.

Many of the Oracle documents that are included in the Oracle9i
Generic Documentation CD-ROM provide information about
database environments, the effect that database environment
settings have on performance, and how your database can be tuned
to maximize performance.