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Product Descriptions


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

Product Descriptions

The following list provides descriptions and release numbers for products that are
available for installation


Some of the described products are automatically

installed with other products


Refer to the release notes for your platform for

updates on component availability.

The list format is as follows:


Product and release


For more information, refer to...

Product Descriptions


Oracle Diagnostics Pack

release 9.0.1

The Oracle Diagnostics Pack extends Oracle Enterprise Manager to enable the
monitoring, diagnosing, and capacity planning of the multi-tiered Oracle server


The Diagnostics Pack provides discovery and graphical

representation of targets, such as databases or nodes, automated collection of
performance and resource usage data, and central monitoring and
administration of remote systems using intelligent agents.

For more information, refer to Getting Started with the Oracle Diagnostics Pack.


Oracle Standard Management Pack

release 9.0.1

The Oracle Standard Management Pack combines the diagnostic, tuning, and
change management functions of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Management
Packs into one pack for smaller business enterprises that use the standard
edition of the database, such as Oracle8i or Oracle9i


This pack monitors and

diagnoses problems, tunes high impact indexes and tracks, and compares
changes in the Oracle software environment


The Oracle Standard

Management Pack includes the following applications: Oracle Performance
Manager, Oracle Index Tuning Wizard, Oracle Create Baseline, Oracle Compare
Database Objects, and Oracle Advanced Database and Node Events.

For more information, refer to Getting Started with the Oracle Standard
Management Pack