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Silent Mode Installation


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

What Is a Response File?

A response file contains answers to installation questions that otherwise would be
provided by the user in an interactive installation session. Each answer is stored as
a value for a variable that is identified in the response file. For example, values for



Install Type

can be set automatically within the response file.

Response file templates are generated by the installation developer. The response
file template for the installation of your product can be found on your ship set
(CD-ROM number 1) under the <device>:[Disk1.stage.Response]
directory. You should be able to find one for your choice of install type (for
example, oracle.server.EE.rsp for an Enterprise Edition server installation,

for a Standard Edition, or


for a client/runtime installation).

Why Perform a Silent Installation?

Silent installations can be useful if you need to install an Oracle product multiple
times on multiple computers, or if you prefer not to use the GUI because of
performance reasons over a slow remote X connection. If the options that you select
while installing on each computer are always the same, then you save the time of
reviewing each installation screen and selecting the various installation options.

Silent installations can also ensure that multiple users in your organization use the
same installation options when they install your Oracle products. You can therefore
more easily support those users because you already know what components and
options have been installed on each computer.

Before you perform a silent installation, you should review the settings in the
response file template that is provided with your Oracle product.

Modifying a Response File

If your product installation includes a response file template, then you can find it on
your ship set (CD-ROM) under the <device>:[Disk1.stage.Response]
directory. For a list of response files, refer to

"List of Response File Names"


page 1-19. Mandatory items have the following comment just before the
definition: # OPENVMS_VALUE_REQUIRED. Three values must be provided: