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Post-Installation for Oracle Products



If you can successfully connect to the server with SQL*Plus, then you have
established network connectivity over TCP/IP


For more advanced network

configuration, refer to the Oracle9i Net Services Administrator’s Guide.

Oracle Options

Oracle interMedia

If you intend to install Oracle interMedia Text after your initial server installation,
then ensure that you have at least 10 MB of disk space for the data dictionary.

Your database must include tablespaces that are specific to interMedia Text data


Verify that tablespaces exist to serve as default and temporary tablespaces for
Oracle interMedia Text


Oracle interMedia Text uses the DRSYS tablespace for its

default and temporary tablespaces


If tablespaces for Oracle interMedia Text do not

exist, or if you do not want to use the DRSYS tablespace, then create additional
tablespaces before proceeding.

Shared Server

Oracle servers that are configured with Shared Server require a higher setting for
the initialization parameter SHARED_POOL_SIZE or a custom configuration that


If you created a database manually, then you should

raise SHARED_POOL_SIZE in the






Typically, you should add

1 KB for each anticipated concurrent user


Refer to Oracle9i Database Performance

Tuning Guide and Reference for further information on configuring Shared Server.


There is no upgrade from previous releases of ConText

Cartridge to Oracle interMedia Text


However, there is a migration

that can be performed manually


See the Oracle9i ConText to

interMedia Text Migration Guide for documentation of this process.

See Also:

Oracle9i SQL Reference for information on creating