Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

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Product Descriptions

Oracle9i Products



Oracle Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Drivers


Oracle JDBC Drivers are a standard set of Java classes, specified by JavaSoft,
that provide vendor-independent access to relational data.

For more information, refer to Oracle9i JDBC Developer’s Guide and Reference.


Oracle Java Tools


Oracle Java Tools provides tools to build and deploy Java stored procedures
with Oracle Java Virtual Machine.

For more information, refer to Oracle9i SQLJ Developer's Guide and Reference.


Oracle Locale Builder

release 9.0.1

Oracle Locale Builder simplifies manipulation of National Language Support
locale data definitions


It provides a graphical user interface for viewing,

modifying, and defining locale-specific data.

For more information, refer to Oracle Globalization Support Guide.


Oracle Locator

release (Installed with Oracle interMedia)

Oracle Locator enables Oracle9i to support online Internet-based geocoding
facilities for locator applications and proximity queries.

For more information, refer to Oracle9i Spatial User’s Guide and Reference.


Oracle Management Server

release 9.0.1

Oracle Management Server is the middle tier of Oracle Enterprise Manager



provides centralized intelligence and distribution control between clients and
managed nodes


The Oracle Management Server relies on a database

repository that maintains system data, application data, and the state of the
managed targets that are distributed throughout the environment.

For more information, refer to Oracle Enterprise Manager Administrator’s Guide.