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Installation Procedure Requirements


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

Exceed does not handle screen coordinates correctly


The Oracle Universal

Installer window and related Oracle Universal Installer dialogs or configuration
assistants can encounter display problems when run through the emulator


One display problem is the sudden truncation of the main window when
clicking the Next button during the installation, rendering the screen


Another display problem is that the expansion of an installer

window can display the dialog buttons off the screen so that they are not
selectable with a mouse


If one of these display problems occurs, then exit the

entire X Windows session and start a new session.

Display problems exist in the AQ Database Information dialog box of the
Oracle Applications InterConnect installation


The last text field on this dialog

box, which prompts for Consumer Name, appears truncated when viewed
through Exceed


This dialog box displays as expected when viewed through

native X Windows on OpenVMS.

To correct any problems with hidden dialog fields, perform the following steps:


Select the xconfig application under the Exceed Program Group from the
Windows Start



Select the Fonts applet.


Select the Font Database button in the Font Settings dialog box.


Deselect the Automatic Font Substitution option in the Font Database
dialog box.


Select the Add… button.

The Add Font Directory dialog box is displayed.


Select the Server radio button in the Add Font Directory dialog box.


Enter the host name for your machine in the Host Name field in the Add
Font Server

dialog box.


Leave all other entries at their default settings.


Select OK.


Select Close on all dialog boxes to save the settings.

Installation Procedure Requirements

This section provides installation procedure requirements.