Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

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Product Descriptions

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Oracle SQLJ


Oracle SQLJ provides a standard method to embed SQL statements in Java


Oracle SQLJ consists of the following components:


Oracle SQLJ Runtime

release (Installed with SQLJ)

Oracle SQLJ Runtime is a thin layer of pure Java code that runs above the
JDBC driver


When Oracle SQLJ translates your SQLJ source code using

standard SQLJ code generation, embedded SQL commands in your Java
application are replaced by calls to the SQLJ runtime


When you run the

application, the SQLJ runtime acts as an intermediary, reading information
about your SQL operations from your profile and passing instructions
along to the JDBC driver.


Oracle SQLJ Translator

release 9.0.1 (Installed with SQLJ)

Oracle SQLJ Translator is a preprocessor for Java programs that contain
embedded SQL statements


It converts the SQL statements to JDBC calls.

For more information, refer to Oracle9i SQLJ Developer's Guide and Reference.


Oracle Text

release (formerly Oracle interMedia Text)

Oracle Text uses standard SQL to index, to search, and to analyze text and
documents that are stored in the Oracle database, in files, and on the Web


Oracle Text analyzes document themes and gists, and it searches text using
various search strategies


It also renders search results in several formats, and

it analyzes and indexes most document formats with over 150 document


Oracle Text supports approximately 39 languages. It bulk loads

documents in the database with SQL*Loader.

For more information, refer to Oracle9i Text Reference and Oracle Text Application
Developer’s Guide.


Oracle Text Manager

release 9.0.1 (Installed with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Integrated Applications)

OracleText Manager is an application for managing Oracle Text functionality.

For more information, refer to Oracle Enterprise Manager Concepts Guide.


Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)


Oracle Universal Installer is a Java-based application that lets you quickly
install, update, and remove Oracle products.

For more information, refer to Oracle9i Installation Guide and Oracle Universal
Installer Concepts Guide.