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Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

Identifying Databases

The Oracle9i software identifies a database by its global database name


A global

database name consists of the database name and network domain


The global

database name uniquely distinguishes a database from any other database in the
same network domain


Enter a global database name when prompted in the

Database Identification

window during Oracle9i database installation.

Example of a Global Database Name:

In the preceding example,


is the name of the database


The database name

portion is a string of no more than 8 characters that can contain alphanumeric and
additional characters


The database name is also assigned to the DB_NAME

parameter in the



Also in the preceding example,

is the network domain in which

the database is located


Together, the database name and the network domain

make the global database name unique


The domain portion is a string of no more

than 128 characters that can contain alpha, numeric, period (.), and additional


The domain name is also assigned to the DB_DOMAIN parameter in





Any database user can be granted limited SYS role database

privileges to use the Oracle Enterprise Manager Diagnostics Pack


Grant users access to these necessary SYS privileges by granting
them the OEM_MONITOR role


This role is created when the

database is installed. The role is defined in the following SQL


In addition to being granted the OEM_MONITOR role, users must
have sufficient default tablespace quota within the monitored
database in order for OEM to run and to evaluate some advanced


Failure to allocate sufficient tablespace to users that are

granted the OEM_MONITOR role will result in an insufficient
privilege message.

The passwords are necessary only when the user resets and unlocks
the passwords manually. They are not required when it is done