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Page 64: Verify oracle supported protocols

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Setup Tasks for Oracle Products


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

Java Runtime Environment

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that is certified for use with Oracle9i software
is used by Oracle Java applications such as the Oracle Universal Installer and is the
only Java application supported to run with these applications


Do not modify this

JRE unless you use a patch that is provided by Oracle Support Services.

Network and System Management Products

This section describes tasks that need to be completed prior to installation if you
have existing network and system management products.

Setup Tasks for Oracle Net Services

If you have an existing installation of Oracle Net8 server, then shut down all
listeners before installing Oracle Net


To determine if any listeners are running,

enter the following command:

$ lsnrctl status [



The listener_name field is required if the listener has a name other than the
default name



To shut down a running listener, enter the following command:

$ lsnrctl stop


Verify Oracle Supported Protocols

Oracle Universal Installer automatically installs the TCP/IP protocol with all
Oracle9i database installations


Before installing any protocol, verify that the

underlying network is functioning and is configured properly.

To verify that the network is functioning properly, transfer and retrieve a test file
using the ftp utility by entering the following commands:

$ ftp


ftp> put


ftp> get