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Starter Database Contents


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

Starter Database Contents

The starter database is a seed database that is shipped with the Oracle9i software. It
contains all that is needed in a "general purpose" environment. If the starter
database files are selected, then the Oracle Universal Installer will install the starter

The following sections provide database administrative information on the default
starter database, as well as basic information on Oracle database usernames,
passwords, and file locations.

Unlocking and Resetting User Passwords

Reviewing User Names and Passwords

Identifying Databases

Tablespaces and Data Files

Locating the Initialization Parameter File

Locating Redo Log Files

Locating Control Files

Using Rollback Segments

Using the Data Dictionary

Unlocking and Resetting User Passwords

Passwords for all Oracle system administration roles and privileges (except SYS,

, and SCOTT) are expired upon installation


You are required to unlock

user names and to reset passwords for all other administrative user names before
using them


You can do this through Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

Unlocking and Resetting Passwords Automatically

During installation, click the Password Management button from the Database
Configuration Assistant window to change passwords immediately after

An alternative method is available to reset your passwords


If you unlock the

password but do not specify a new password, then the database user account will
be unlocked, and the password will remain expired until the next time that you log
in as that user


SQL*Plus will then prompt you for a new password.