Oracle services and support – Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

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Oracle Services and Support

The Oracle corporate web page is located at the following web site:

Oracle Corporation offers a wide range of services to help facilitate corporate
system solutions, including Oracle Education courses, Oracle Consulting services,
and Oracle Support Services from the website


In addition, Oracle Corporation

provides free trial software, updates on Oracle products, and service and technical
brochures and data sheets.

Oracle Support Services

Technical Support contact information worldwide is listed at the following web site:

Templates are provided to help you prepare information about your problem before
you call


You will also need your CSI number (if applicable) or complete contact

details, including any special project information.

Oracle MetaLink

Oracle MetaLink is the Oracle Corporation web service for technical information


Members of Oracle MetaLink can search for updates, alerts, patches, and other
information about products, releases, and operating systems, and can set
preferences to be notified automatically of new information


MetaLink offers a

variety of services to assist in setting up and administering Oracle products,
including procedures, scripts, commentary, and tuning and configuration
best-practices bulletins


In addition, it offers forums for information sharing

among Oracle customers, and direct communication with Oracle Support



MetaLink is available to Product Support Customers at no extra cost


Sign up for

free membership for this service at the following web site:

Use your Support Access Code (SAC) number to register.

Products and Documentation

For U.S.A. customers, Oracle Store is at the following web site:

Links to Stores in other countries are provided from this site.