Installing oracle transparent gateway, Mounting transparent gateway from the cdrom, Installation prompts for transparent gateway – Oracle Audio Technologies ORACLE9I B10508-01 User Manual

Page 144: Mounting transparent gateway from the cd-rom

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Installing Oracle Transparent Gateway


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

Installing Oracle Transparent Gateway

Use the following procedures and tables to install Oracle Transparent Gateway.

Mounting Transparent Gateway from the CD-ROM

Install the gateway software from the CD-ROM as follows:


Start the Oracle Universal Installer.


Install the gateway by responding to installation prompts as indicated for your
platform in

"Installation Prompts for Transparent Gateway".

Installation Prompts for Transparent Gateway

The Oracle Universal Installer screens and the sequence in which they appear
depend on your platform


Select the installation prompt section that corresponds

to the gateway that you wish to install.

"Installation Prompts for RDB Gateway"

"Installation Prompts for RMS Gateway"


Complete instructions for mounting and running the Oracle

Universal Installer are not presented here



Chapter 4,


to find complete mounting and starting instructions

for your platform