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HP OpenVMS Alpha System Configuration


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

This step generates new SYSGEN parameters in a file named SETPARAMS.DAT
and runs the SYSGEN utility to set these parameter values as specified in that

HP OpenVMS Alpha System Configuration

If your system fails to satisfy any listed requirement, then perform the tasks listed in
the next section as necessary to configure your system to meet these requirements.

Table 3–3

lists the requirements for installing Oracle9i on your HP OpenVMS


Setup Tasks to Perform as the SYSTEM User

Log in as the

system user

and perform the following tasks to set up your

environment for Oracle9i:


The REBOOT parameter in this example will cause

the system to automatically reboot when the SYSGEN is

See Also:

For more information about using the AUTOGEN

utility, see the OpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference.

Table 3–3

HP OpenVMS Alpha System Configuration Summary

System Factors

Requirement for Oracle9i

HP OpenVMS Alpha

Minimum Global Pages/

Verify that the values for MIN_GBLPAGES and
MIN_GBLSECTIONS are greater than, or equal to, the values
that were calculated for these parameters, as documented in

OpenVMS Accounts

You need an OpenVMS account that is dedicated solely to
installing and upgrading Oracle products


The instructions in

this book are provided with the assumption that the account is
called oracle9.

Permissions for File

Default Protections