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Installation Mount Options


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

Installation Mount Options

Mount and Unmount the Oracle9i CD-ROM

If you run the Oracle Universal Installer while the current working directory is in
the CD-ROM, then perform the following steps to mount the next CD-ROM:

Mount the Oracle9i CD-ROM device


For example:







is a valid CD-ROM device.

Installation Option, Installing Oracle9i from the Hard Drive

You can avoid the need to mount and unmount CD-ROMs during installation by
copying the contents of each CD-ROM to your system hard drive. You must have a
file system that is not in use by other applications. You must also have at least
2.5 GB of disk space available.


Copy the CD-ROMs to your system hard drive


Copy the contents of each

CD-ROM to a directory on a disk


For example:

$ copy <

first CD

> disk$disk1:[cdrom]

$ copy <

second CD

> disk$disk1:[cdrom]


Start the Oracle Universal Installer from the hard disk


The Oracle Universal

Installer automatically finds the contents of each CD-ROM and does not prompt
for the location of any CD-ROM during the course of the installation.


Oracle Corporation does not support using the Oracle

Universal Installer that is shipped with releases 8.1.x or 9.0.1 to
install release components.