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HP OpenVMS and Installation-Specific Issues and Restrictions


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

HP OpenVMS and Installation-Specific Issues and Restrictions

The following issues and restrictions can affect the installation or use of Oracle9i on
HP OpenVMS Alpha


Re-installing Oracle9i Release 2 (

If you re-install Oracle9i server into an ORACLE_HOME where Oracle9i server
Release 2 ( is already installed, then you must also re-install any product
options, such as Oracle Partitioning, that were enabled before you began the


Do not install Oracle9i Release 2 ( into the root directory of an existing Oracle
installation containing any Oracle Software.

Oracle Corporation recommends that you install Oracle9i Release 2 (
products into a new ORA_ROOT.

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

The JRE that is shipped with Oracle9i is used by Oracle Java applications such as
the Oracle Universal Installer and is the only Java application that is supported to
run with these applications


Customers must not modify this JRE, unless it is done

through a patch provided by Oracle Support Services.

The inventory can contain multiple versions of the JRE, each of which can be used
by one or more products or releases


The Oracle Universal Installer creates the


directory the first time that it is run in order to keep an inventory

of products that it installs (as well as other installation information) on your system.

Character Mode

Installation cannot be performed using character mode with the Oracle Universal
Installer (OUI)


For non-interactive installations, use the

Silent Mode Installation


which is described in

Chapter 1, "Oracle9i Installation Planning"

on page 1-16



Oracle Universal Installer can be run in the interactive mode directly from your
system X-Windows console or via an X-Terminal or PC X-Terminal on a remote