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HP OpenVMS Alpha SYSGEN Parameters

CD-ROM Pre-installation Requirements


HP OpenVMS Alpha SYSGEN Parameters

For instructions on calculating MIN_GBLPAGES, MIN_GBLSECTIONS, and
MIN_MAXBOBMEM, refer to the READMEVMS.DOC in the RDBMS directory.

Using the Reserved Memory Registry

Through its interface within the SYSMAN utility, the Reserved Memory Registry
allows an HP OpenVMS Alpha system to be configured with large amounts of
memory set aside for use within memory-resident global sections



utility considers the pre-allocated reserved memory when it tunes the system.

The advantages to reserving memory for an SGA are as follows:

You can be certain that the memory is available and that the system is correctly

The memory is reserved at boot time as contiguous aligned physical pages


This allows the system to optimize the mapping of the SGA.

The memory is pre-allocated and zeroed


This results in faster SGA mapping

and faster instance startup.

To reserve memory for an SGA, use the SYSMAN utility


The size qualifier is

specified in megabytes


For example, to reserve memory for a 6 GB SGA for the

SID named TEST, use the following commands:




Then run AUTOGEN and reboot the system to allow AUTOGEN to adjust other
system parameters for the reduced amount of memory that is available to the rest of
the system.

Memory for multiple SGAs may be reserved


Any change to the name or size of a

piece of reserved memory may require rebooting the system


During instance

startup, Oracle server compares the size of the reserved memory, if any, with the
size of the SGA


If appropriate, one of the following messages will be included in

the Alert log:


1 GB = 1024 MB