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Oracle9i Database Configurations


Oracle9i Installation Guide Release 2 ( for HP Alpha OpenVMS

Oracle9i Database Configurations

When you install the Oracle9i database product, you are prompted to select a
database configuration that is suited to your needs


Select from one of five Oracle9i

database configurations:


General Purpose


Online Transaction Processing


Data Warehouse




Software Only

Options one through three are preconfigured databases that you can use for your
Oracle9i database


Each preconfigured database is designed to provide optimal

support for particular database needs


Options four and five are configurations for

special needs


The following section describes some of these configurations.

Environment Descriptions

General Purpose

Users of this database type perform a variety of database tasks, ranging from simple
transactions to complex queries


Select this database environment for general

purpose use.

Online Transaction Processing

Users of this database type perform large numbers of concurrent transactions, in
which each transaction is a relatively simple operation that is processing a small
amount of data


Transactions consist of reading, writing, and deleting data in

database tables.

Billing databases, such as those commonly found on Internet commerce sites, are
the most common example of this database configuration


These databases are also

known as Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) databases.